The Shelter Meeting Channel

This channel makes available the presentations and agendas from past Shelter Meetings. The Shelter Meeting is the only global conference for humanitarian technical practitioners. Held in Geneva and online, Shelter Meeting has been organised by Shelter Centre every year since 2004. Past hosts and donors have included the University of Cambridge, CARE UK, DFID, HFHI, IASC GSC, ICRC, IFRC, IOM, MSF, NRC, SDC/HA, UNDP, UN-Habitat, UNHCR, UNOCHA, UNOPS, USAID/OFDA and World Bank GFDRR. A theme is agreed for each event, with presentations including good practice case studies, the peer review of sector projects and prioritisation and knowledge sharing in the humanitarian sector. Presentations may either be related to the theme, or be generally relevant to our shared community of practice, meeting the objectives for the Shelter Meeting which have evolved as part of the community feedback process. For more information about Shelter Meeting, including objectives, eligibility criteria for attendance, etc, see here: