Transitional Shelter Day 10a


The Transitional Shelter Day, on Wednesday 26th May, offered an opportunity for those engaged in transitional shelter programming to:

  • share good practice for local-build transitional shelter, including ongoing programming in Haiti;
  • discuss hazard resistance requirements, for example resistance to storm levels;
  • view a series of full prototypes for stockpiled transitional shelters; and to
  • discuss the role of stockpiled shelter and how best to achieve sufficient manufacturing capacity.

Full materials from this meeting will be available on this web page soon.

08:30 Arrival and coffee
09:00 Introduction and agenda - Tom Corsellis, Shelter Centre
09:10 Publication launch: Transitional Shelter Innovations Case Study - Kim Scriven, ALNAP
09:20 Project launch: Transitional Shelter Guidelines - Brian Kelly, IOM & Tom Corsellis, Shelter Centre

Transitional Shelter Standards & Prototypes Projects - Tom Corsellis, Shelter Centre

09:50 Stockpiled Transitional Shelter
1. Jenny Rohde, Evenproducts
2. Farhaj Sarwar, H. Sheikh Noor-ud-Din & Sons
3. Alan McGaw, MADDEL International
4. Frank Merks, Nunatak Systems
5. Ryan Hudock, Worldwide Shelters
6. Dennis Bjorn Kanter, Kanter & Karlsson

Advertisement for breakout groups, Transitional Shelter
1. Hazard Resistance
2. Winterisation
3. Weight
4. Manufacturing Capacity

11:00 Coffee break

Breakout groups, Transitional Shelter

4 parallel breakout groups



Breakout groups feedback, Transitional Shelter
Presentations from breakout groups

13:00 Lunch break
14:00 "" - Jerome Michon, MSF-ITC

Stockpiled shelter spectrum
1. Core Shelter, BlueScope Steel
2. Family Tent, IFRC & UNHCR


Next steps for the Transitional Shelter Standards & Prototypes projects
Testing regime

15:30 Coffee break

Detailed review per shelter prototype
1 Shelter Centre rapporteur per shelter

17:30 Close

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