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Mr. Frank Bouvet (UNICEF) explained the surrent situation in the WASH Cluster. The presentation includes the following main topics:

  • Progresses
  • Critical issues in countries...
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In January 2008, the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE) released a position paper examining the impact of the sanctions and blockade on the human right to water and sanitation in Gaza...

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Date: Apr 2020
Location: All

This guide, which can also be found on, has been developed in response to calls from...

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Date: Feb 2014
Location: World

This report describes UNICEF's work over the 12 months post-tsunami and their plans for the future. 1. The gradual return of hope. 2. Building back better. 3. Indonesia. 4. Maldives. 5. India...

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Sphere is a process which recognises the systemic approach, meaning what someone does in one section affects all the others realted to the first, emphasizing the...

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This document can also be found on the official website of UNHCR at

This COVID19 Preparation and Response document by UNHCR...

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Emergency Shelter

The speakers offered a brief overview of the Cluster approach and predicted that it would be the main coordination mechanism for the next five to ten years. Graham...

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Publisher(s): Sanitation Updates
Date: Aug 2019
Location: Iraq

In March 2019, Navjot Sawhney and Alex Hughes, both engineers and co-founders of the fledgling social enterprise The Washing Machine Project ...

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Beginning in late July 2010, the flood waters in what was to
become Pakistan's worst natural disaster began to spread. Homes, businesses
and thousands of acres of farmland were...

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This webinar summarizes UNHCR operational messages on WASH preparedness and response to COVID-19.Le présent document fournit une présentation générale de l’intégration de la réduction des risques...