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Recovery is “processes through which those affected by disasters achieve desired levels of social well-being, quality of life, sense of place and belonging, and civic engagement”

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This presentation covered topics including-

1. Cluster working group on early recovery

2. Cluster working group strategic objective

3. Changes in working culture


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The resource is a presentation showing and illustrating experiences using UAV in  Humanitarian resposes. the case study is Phillipines. It shows important role of UAVs in humanitarian responses -...

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Date: Oct 2018
Location: Global

This paper argues the case for the humanitarian community to link post-disaster shelter programming with the more developmental approach of communicating building safety to a much wider audience...

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Access to energy in the modern world has become a basic human rights but many people live without access to electrictiy in the world. Thus every person affected by conflict and natural disaster...

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Date: Nov 2018
Location: Worldwide

The green recovery and reconstruction toolkit is a series of 10 stand alone modules that address a wide range of topics and topics vital to disaster response and consists of-1. Content paper...

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This manual aim  to assist actors to understand the environment in which they will be operating, to determine country priorities and needs, and to plan recovery strategies and activities.