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Date: Feb 2014
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SUD-Net Workshop, 17?19 February 2009, Cape Town. This report summarizes the presentations and discussions held at the SUD-Net Africa workshop which mainly focused on education for sustainable...

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Over the past few years many of us have worked closely together to deliver relief and recovery assistance to some of the most vulnerable people in Pakistan affected by floods, earthquake and conflict...
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Guidelines developed over the course of three workshops:

Flood Forecasting and Disaster Response Workshop (Tegucigalpa, Honduras, April 1999)
International Symposium on Flood...

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L’atelier d’élaboration d’un plan de travail sur l’appui aux solutions durables pour les personnes déplacées internes a été organisé du 08 au 10 décembre 2011 à Goz Beida. Placé sous la présidence...