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Content Type: Resource

This resource looks at the self-settled and planned IPD and refugee camps, following both natural disaster and conflict.

Content Type: Resource

 Since more than 20 years refugees are living in 9 refugee camps along the Thai-Myanmar border. The refugee have established refugee organised governance structures to self-govern the refugee...

Content Type: Resource
Date: Jul 2015
Location: London

As of February 2015, over 622,000 Syrians had registered with UNHCR in Jordan. The protracted nature of the Syrian crisis has been dramatic: both the Syrian refugees themselves and the host...

Content Type: Resource
Publisher(s): Multi-sector report
Date: Aug 2015
Location: Iraq

This Information Kit (iKit No. 11), first quarterly report of 2015, expanding and updating previous editions, is designed to provide an overview of the inter-agency interventions for Syrian...