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The speaker introduced the session by asking participants to consider a series of questions for discussion on the theme 'transition from emergency response to the longer term reconstruction'. He...

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Publisher(s): ProVention Consortium
Date: Dec 2008

Ian O’Donnell of ProVention introduced the topic by outlining the challenge of capacity in response to climate change.  A facilitated discussion followed, the outcomes of which were consolidated...

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Breakout group 2

Elisabeth Babister, CARE International, led the discussion on funding mechanisms for transitional shelter. Key points included incorporating risk...

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Alfonso Calzadilla from the IFRC gave a presentation on the evaluation of the 2010 earthquake response in Haiti.

The evaluation...

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Publisher(s): Shelter Centre
Date: Dec 2008

This presentation covered topics including-

1. Transitional shelter guidelines draft

2. Comments and feedback for the draft

3. Develop and deseminate guidelines on best...

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A good assessment is crucial to a successful emergency response. A disaster needs assessment serves two primary purposes. First, it will inform the response priorities and plans. Second, it can...

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CRS, CARE, Save the Children, and World Vision Indonesia responded independently to the earthquake in Yogyakarta on May 27, 2006. But the agencies came to believe that a joint evaluation of their...

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Date: Aug 2019

The ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), recently declared a ‘public health emergency of international concern’ by the WHO director general, is now second only to the...

Content Type: Collection
Date: Aug 2020
Location: All Countries

Education facilities provide safe spaces for children to continue learning post disaster. This collection contains guidelines and policies for the construction of these safe spaces, in relation to...

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Publisher(s): UN Refugee Agency
Date: Jun 2021
Location: All

This document can also be found on the official website of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR): https://...