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Content Type: Resource
Date: Oct 2017
Location: World
Content Type: Resource
Publisher(s): IFRC
Date: Oct 2014
Location: Philippines

The Shelter Cluster in the Philippines developed the Recovery Shelter Guidelines from mid-March in collaboration with Shelter Partners active in the Haiyan affected areas. The development of this...

Content Type: Resource
Date: May 2013

Presentation to  Shelter Meeting held on April 2013 for available editions: Shelter Projects 2008, Shelter Projects 2009, Shelter Projects 2008 , Shelter Projects 2011-2012 and Over 100 case...

Content Type: Resource
Publisher(s): IFRCOxfam GB
Date: Jul 2008

This session announced a new project collaboration between IFRC and Oxfam GB to develop guidelines for the use of plastic sheeting in the field, which was welcomed by Meeting participants.