Wildfire Peer Review Assessment Framework (Wildfire PRAF)

The Wildfire Peer Review Assessment Framework (Wildfire PRAF) is designed to facilitate thematic peer reviews of wildfire risk management systems within the framework of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM). It focuses specifically on wildfires, defined as large-scale events with severe adverse impacts on human life, the environment, cultural heritage, infrastructures, assets, and economic activities. Depending on the administrative organisation and responsibilities at various levels across the Member States and the UCPM Participating States, a wildfire peer review may be undertaken at the national and/or regional level. The Wildfire PRAF provides independent experts, referred to as “peers,” with a guide for evaluating wildfire risk management systems. The assessment framework has been developed with an additional purpose in mind: to serve as a self-assessment tool which offers countries and regions the opportunity to analyse their own system for wildfire disaster risk management.