Water and Sanitation for Disabled People and Other Vulnerable Groups

This document can also be found on the Official website of Water Engineering and Development Centre at https://www.lboro.ac.uk/research/wedc/
This is a book written to raise awareness among the water and sanitation sector about the needs of disabled people and other vulnerable groups, and to provide practical information, ideas and guidance about how these needs could
be addressed within normal water and sanitation programmes and services.
The book’s main target audience is therefore planners and service providers in the water supply and sanitation sector. In addition, disabled people’s organisations, and organisations that provide support to disabled people and their families, may find useful information for their work.
This resource is part of a Collection of similar guidelines entitled "Sanitation for the Elderly and Disabled", and it is included in the series of Collections supporting the Elderly and Disabled. Collections are monitored daily and new content is added.