Volunteering, Funding, Register and Base

Brief updates on ongoing project activities were presented by Shelter Centre.

Shelter Volunteering Meeting participants welcomed the announcement by Shelter Centre of a new internship programme, funded by Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), intended to introduce experienced professional capacity to the humanitarian shelter sector from the commercial and public sectors.

Shelter Funding Meeting participants acknowledged the first funding award to MSF for the translation into French of the guidelines `Transitional settlement: displaced populations` (Corsellis & Vitale, 2005). Shelter Centre announced the new round of funding, the deadline for which is 6th January 2007.

Shelter Register Meeting participants noted that the service was half-completed, and supported access to human resource departments, in order to improve the appropriateness to their organisations of the future service.

Shelter Base Meeting participants recognised the difficulty in securing permissions from the systems administrators of all stakeholder organisations to install humanitarian software applications. The proposal of Shelter Centre remains to develop an offline information system that uses software already installed on the majority of computers.