Urban Sector Assessment, Strategy, and Road Map

This report outlines the Philippine urban sector assessment, strategy, and road map as the basis
for a future partnership between the Government of the Philippines and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The paper starts by assessing the urban sector in the Philippines, and the needs and challenges cities face in their efforts to achieve sustainable economic growth and development. It then describes the urban development strategies and priorities of the Government of the Philippines and ADB, which build on experiences and lessons learned in the sector. Drawing on the sector assessment and development strategies, the paper presents a road map for possible ADB support over the medium term (2010–2015), which centers on the three core themes of urban competitiveness, sustainable communities, and performance-oriented governance. Besides providing sector-level input into ADB’s country partnership strategy for the Philippines, this document serves as a basis for further dialogue and cooperative action by ADB and the government to tackle the complex challenge of managing rapid urban growth and development in the coming years.