Transitional shelter guidelines

This first edition is the finalised version of the draft which was updated through a peer review process at the Shelter Meeting 11b in order to achieve consensus from the humanitarian community. These guidelines are intended to be consistent with government structures and humanitarian coordination mechanisms, supporting both in developing and implementing a transitional shelter strategy for each specific response.
This publication is intended to:
â–º offer a definition and explains the 10 principles oftransitional shelter;
â–º indicate when a transitional shelter approach may beinappropriate; and
â–º provide guidance on how to design and implement atransitional shelter programme.
It is intended to support the process of transitional shelteras part of a single coordinated strategy, plan or policy forshelter and reconstruction for a response. However, it is not atechnical construction manual.
The guidelines support collaboration between stakeholdersin the process of transitional shelter by determining whether ornot the process might offer a useful contribution to the singlestrategy and, if so, by defining the role each stakeholdershould take in contributing to designing and implementing atransitional shelter programme.