Sources 5: Women and Housing Rights (Second Edition)

In 2000, COHRE first published its groundbreaking report Sources 5: Women and Housing Rights. The original Sources 5 presented, for the first time ever, a unified compilation of all of the major international legal resources which recognised the housing rights of women. Even now, the publication provides important information on women's housing rights under key international human rights treaties, and highlights some of the fundamental documents in the cannon of women's housing rights advocacy. It has indeed been very positive that recent years have seen even more major advancements in the protection of women's housing rights at national, regional and international levels. In this Second Edition of Sources 5, COHRE is pleased to present updated information on just these advancements, focusing on critical issues which have emerged in the area of women's housing rights over the past decade. So as not to tread over the same ground as the first addition, the Second Edition of Sources 5 focuses in large part on standards which have emerged since the original Sources 5 was first published. The Second Edition, therefore, is not meant to reiterate the same information highlighted in the original Sources 5, but rather to serve as an extension of it.