Shelter Module specifications and prototype

Participants discussed both the structure of the Shelter Module project and its use of standards, after presentations on project progress. In response to the discussions and to specific suggestions from participants, Shelter Centre proposed that:

  1. the project should be divided into two projects, with one project to develop standards for family transitional shelter, and the second project to develop and test a prototype shelter that meets the standards in the first project
  2. the standards described as `technical indicators` should be measurable minimums, while those described as `performance standards` should be aspirational, describing how transitional shelter ought to perform rather than describing shelters currently in use
  3. an approach should be made to the Sphere Project to explore linking the development of standards for family transitional shelter to the forthcoming revision of the Sphere Project Minimum Standards in Disaster Response
  4. The participants agreed with both of these proposals, which will be acted upon prior to the next Shelter Meeting, 07a.