Safety Audit: First Steps Towards Making Schools Safer

"This noteworthy issue of southasiadisasters. net on Safety Audit: Towards Making Schools Safer is an admirable example of practical review, evaluation and guidance that results from the shared interests of students, teachers, educational officials, and the wider interests of local community leaders. It synthesises the lessons, and sometimes oversights, of experience as it also provides further guidance for practical measures that can be pursued by communities to make schools safer. It speaks with an informed knowledge and seeks to motivate a wider commitment to making schools safer through recommendations, safety plan process and views of educators. "Dr. Marla Petal, COGSS & DPE (The Coalition for Global School Safety & Disaster Prevention Education)

This document is Special Issue 59 of the monthly publication ' From an Effort to Turn Local Tsunami Recovery into Regional Disaster Risk Reduction for the Poor', published April 2009.