Promoting Local Solutions for Emergency Shelter and Recovery

Over the last decade, three large-scale conflicts with Israel have resulted in profound human loss as well as damage to infrastructure and tens of thousands of homes. In these emergencies and post-conflict recovery, shelter was a key need for Palestinian families. In the most recent 2014 conflict, an estimated 13% of housing in Gaza was severely damaged or destroyed, leaving 108,000 people internally displaced and in need of shelter. With generous funding from Caritas Germany, CRS and local partner Bayader designed a flexible shelter response strategy to assist Gazans in the event of another conflict. The response included both physical and cashbased solutions that respond to the distinct needs of each family. To determine the best physical shelter solutions, CRS and Bayader held a shelter design competition whereby contractors, architects and engineers, recent graduates and students submitted drawings for emergency and transitional shelters. CRS constructed the top two winning designs along with a third ‘mixed’ prototype to test alternative construction materials and techniques proposed in other submissions. Construction of the three prototypes was completed in June 2018.