Priority Ageing Issues in Lesotho: A Mapping and Gap Analysis Of Government and Non-State Actor Policy and Program Responses

Specific objectives of the study were:1. What government policies and programmes were in place to ensure the rights of olderpersons in Lesotho and where policy and service gaps exist in the following areas:(i) Ensuring older persons have secure income and viable livelihoods;(ii) Ensuring older persons have access to good quality health, HIV and AIDS and careservices;(iii) Ensuring that emergency programmes were age-inclusive; and(iv) Creating an enabling environment for older people to engage with government inpolicy development and service delivery.2. What civil society organizations, programmes and services address ageing issues andwhere were the gaps and how could they be addressed?3. To what extent has the policy and service delivery response by the Government ofLesotho and its civil society partners met commitments enshrined in existing SADC, AUand International protocols on ageing issues?