Preventing Discrimination, Exploitation and Abuse of Women Migrant Workers- An Information Guide

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This Information Guide reflects the collaborative effort of the ILO Gender Promotion Programme, the International Migration Branch and the Special Action Programme to Combat Forced Labour. This Information Guide is intended to enhance knowledge and understanding of the vulnerability of migrant workers, especially women, to discrimination, exploitation and abuse throughout all stages of the international labour migration process, including being trafficked. It intends to promote and improve legislation, policies and action to prevent such discrimination, exploitation and abuse and to better protect those women migrant workers who are vulnerable.
The Guide comprises six inter-related booklets including the following topics: a general introduction of the dynamics of female labour migration, the different stages of the migration process and the corresponding activities, policies and practices of other actors – the government, business, the private sector, civil society groups and families -- that affect the mobility and employment of women and men within and outside their countries of origin, and the trafficking of human beings, particularly women and girls.
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