A Practical Guide for Developing Child Friendly Spaces

This resource by UNICEF, on A Practical Guide for Developing Child Friendly Spaces, 2008, is related to the development, implementation and management of CFSs.  This guide is designed to assist UNICEF staff and partners, in establishing and operating Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) in an emergency. It attempts to provide readers with the main principles of a CFS and the processes on how to establish one. The overall aim is to improve the standards and capacity of field staff, by providing the required knowledge to support the design and operations of child friendly spaces. This guide offers relevant information on the following areas: a) Main Principles of CFS; b) History and Overview of CFSs; c) Practical Guidance for establishing a CFS [Assessment, Planning and Design of Programmes, Structural Design and Implementation, Operations and Capacity Building, and Monitoring and Evaluation]; d) Samples and Tools on CFSs; and e) CFS Terminology.  For further information on this project please visit, https://www.unicef.org/protection/A_Practical_Guide_to_Developing_Child_...(2).pdf, where you can find out more about CFS and their implemetation.