PASSA: Participatory Approach for Safe Shelter Awareness

Guidelines with a participatory approach to safe shelter awareness (PASSA, which aims to raise the awareness of the ‘everyday vulnerable’ of the ‘everyday risks’ related to communities built environment and foster locally appropriate safe shelter and settlement practices. It offers a simple process, facilitated by the Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers and technical advisors, through which communities These guidelines can be used and can be build upon communitites own insights, skills and leadership to attain improved living conditions and safer habitats. Using a step-by-step methodology, PASSA utilizes three complementary processes. Firstly, it harnesses the established role of the National Societies to support community-led and socially inclusive development activities. Secondly, it enables communities to identify their own solutions and realistic and comprehensive strategies for addressing the myriad of problems that include spatial and environmental planning, local building cultures and the effectiveness of local construction techniques. Thirdly, it fosters partnerships between local authorities, communities and supporting organizations to prepare for, cope with and recover from disasters.