One UN Programme in Pakistan Annual Report 2011

Pakistan's One UN Programme (OP I) was signed on 4 February 2009 in the presence of the UN
Secretary General and the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Initially for a two-year period from 2009 to
2010, OP I was extended until December 2012 by mutual agreement of the Government of Pakistan
and the UN. The first generation One Programme united 19 resident UN agencies and one nonresident
agency and provided support to development initiatives of the Government of Pakistan
through five Joint Programmes on (a) Agriculture, Rural Development and Poverty Reduction
(ARP), (b) Disaster Risk Management (DRM), (c) Education, (d) Environment, and (e) Health and
Population, with four cross-cutting issues of Gender Equality, Human Rights, Civil Society, and
Refugees. In turn these Joint Programmes comprised 21 Joint Programme Components. 2011 was
the third year of implementation of the programme.