Livelihood Recovery Appraisal-2013 for 2012 floods affected areas of Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan

In a continuation of DLA-2011 and LRA-2012, LRA-2013 is aimed to assess the recovery level of population affected by 2012 floods.

Specific objectives of LRA-2013 include to assess:

The extent to which rural households have recovered in terms of livelihood and food security from 2012 and/or floods of 2010 and 2011.

Analyze the unmet needs, if any, and identify the gaps in humanitarian response.

The impact and effectiveness of interventions designed to support livelihood and food security recovery.

The resilience of the households and communities to deal with the shocks and the measures required to strengthen it further.

Based on the findings of the appraisal, to document the lessons learnt and make appropriate recommendations for sustained livelihood and food security of the households and communities.

This presentation covers the findings of household survey and first two objectives of the study.