Landslide Preparedness Guidelines for Safety of Buildings on Slopes

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The document “Landslide Preparedness Guideline for Safety of Buildings on Slopes” has been developed to provide a basic idea about landslides, triggering factors and mitigation measures to abate landslide hazards and risks. It consists of various avoidance, prevention and mitigation practices that can be followed easily and focuses on generalized idea of planning and site selection to construct houses in landslideprone areas, to minimise the vulnerability towards landslide hazards. It takes cognizance about the warning signs of landslides, do’s and don’ts in pre, during and post landslide phases. The document is going to benefit the readers and other stakeholders including the geologists, civil engineers, architects, planners, developers. It will also help in learning about various potential measures for prevention and mitigation of landslide risks to the buildings on susceptible hill slopes.
This resource is part of a Collection of similar guidelines entitled " Landslides Mitigation and Disaster Risk Management in Shelter and Settlements ", and is included in the series of Collections supporting response to natural disaster events. Collections are monitored daily and new content is added.