Kyrgyzstan Revision Flash Appeal

The humanitarian situation in southern Kyrgyzstan evolved rapidly with mass displacement and rapidreturn of the refugees and some of the IDPs occurring over a period of two weeks. This fluid situation, combined with security and logistical constraints, initially limited the scope of early needs assessmentsand required constant readjustment of operational plans. With the return of relative stability, rapidcluster assessments were completed and their results constituted the basis for the revision of theFlash Appeal that was originally launched on June 18. The affected population furthermore requires significant support in rebuilding community trust andregaining confidence in community safety. Whilst this will in no doubt require extended engagement, projects in the revised Flash Appeal will launch activities for starting reconciliation and peacebuildingprocesses so that, for example, children feel safe to go back to school, people are not afraid ofaccessing health and social services, and farmers return to tend their fields.