Guidance Note on Resident Coordinator and UN Country Team Working Relations

In particular, the RC is accountable to report on collectively agreed UNCT work plan results (which are for the most part derived from the UNDAF) to Government, to achieve agreed RC results from the UNCT work plan, and to implement this guidance note on working relations. UNCT members are accountable to the UNCT/RC on UNCT results where they have been agreed to lead the team, to implement this agreement, and of course for their own agency results. This paper should be taken in conjunction with the UNDG Dispute Resolution Mechanism and the agreements on mutual accountability and reporting such as the 180 degree competency assessment and development tool and the RDT/RMT oversight of performance of the RC and UNCT. This paper gives guidelines to UNCTs on how to prepare a compact, or similar agreement, within the UNCT.