Guidance Note on Land Issues: Myanmar

This report is meant to serve as a quick reference for local authorities and NGOs to acquire an understanding of relevant land laws and the context of land-use in Myanmar. All land and all natural resources in Myanmar, above and below the ground, above and beneath the water, and in the atmosphere is ultimately owned by the Union of Myanmar. This report provides a quick overview of the various types and classes of land which are currently being administered in Myanmar in the light of the existing laws and prevailing practices of the country. Since the subject of land and land ownership is a vast area in the regime of property law, an in-depth analysis has not been attempted. Instead this section hopes to serve as a base source of information for those who would want to acquire some basis facts about land administration and the salient features of the existing land laws of Myanmar. It can be particularly helpful as a guide for Field Staff who may happen to come across land-related (protection) issues while carrying out operational duties in all parts of Myanmar.