Emergency Shelter Cluster Field Coordination Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for use by coordination teams deployed by the Emergency Shelter Cluster co-chairs UNHCR and IFRC to chair in-country Emergency Shelter Cluster Working Groups. Documents and reference materials contained in the kit have been collected from previous Emergency Shelter Clusters in the field; other documents have been made specifically as guidance for future emergencies. The coordination toolkit will be kept updated with materials from the field and guidance developed by the IASC, IFRC and UNHCR. The zipped file contains a total of 9 chapters, these are: Chapter 1: The Cluster ApproachInside this chapter you'll find the table of contents for the whole toolkit, a summary of the IASC Guidance Note and the IASC Guidance Note in full. Chapter 2: Mobilization and Terms of ReferenceIn this chapter you'll find useful pre-deployment checklists for equipment, administration and personal items. Also included are sample Terms of Reference (ToRs) for coordination team members, support staff and working groups within the cluster. Chapter 3: Coordination ManagementThis chapter, for coordinators, offers guidance on planning ones work and tips for facilitating coordination meetings. Examples of meeting minutes and policy statements from various incarnations of the Emergency Shelter Cluster are included, as are blank templates to assist in creating these documents. Chapter 4: Strategic PlanningThe aim of this chapter is to assist coordination team members to work with participants in the cluster to develop a strategic operational framework for shelter. There is a guidance document and examples from various emergencies. Chapter 5: AssessmentsWithin this chapter one can find templates for conducting assessments. Chapter 6: Information ManagementThis chapter offers guidelines to assist effective information management in emergencies. Included are previous examples of data collection and analysis such as maps and spreadsheets. Also included are useful schematic diagrams illustrating the steps from collecting and combining data to issuing reports. Chapter 7: Guiding DocumentationContained in this chapter is a collection of guiding documents from various sources. The chapter is divided under these headings: Guiding Documents, Assessment, Evaluation, Planning, Appeals, Cross Cutting Issues and Lessons Learned. Chapter 8: Technical Standards and GuidelinesThis chapter also contains a collection of information, although here it is technically focused. There are general technical guidance materials and also examples of technical guidance produced in in-country Emergency Shelter Clusters. Chapter 9: ReferencesAvailable in this chapter is a collection of reference books and web links relevant to the shelter sector.