Education Bulletin 33#

Monsoon 2012 updates :
 By reporting period Education Cluster has reached 8,421 beneficiaries
including 3,494 girls and women through provision of TLCs, education
supplies and capacity building for teachers and SMC members.
 54 schools are being used as IDP camps in Kahsmore (6), Jacobabad, (39)
and Shikarpur (9).
 Education Cluster coordination is rolling out in district level in Sindh and
Complex Emergency in KP-FATA:
 By reporting period 13,968 children including 6,318 girls are benefitting
from the education response both in and off camps in KP and FATA.
 Cluster members working in Jalozai camp (IRC, Muslim Aid, PDMA) is
conducting tent to tent assessment to identify exact number of children
living in Jalozai camp. Final report will be made available to cluster
members and other stakeholders.