Education Bulletin# 27

Complex Emergency in KP-FATA:
 Education Cluster approved 28 projects of $ 4 million to meet the gap of education needs in and off camps under HOP 2012.
 8,884 children ( 3,757 girls) have benefitted from education response both in and off camps in KP and FATA.
Pakistan Early Recovery Framework of Floods 2011:
 158,946 beneficiaries (63,519 girls/females) and out of school have accessed various education services in Sindh and Balochistan provinces.
 86,577 children who used to be enrolled in 1,904 TLCs sup-ported by UNICEF are now being mainstreamed in govern-ment schools across Sindh.
 In Sindh a campaign is being conducted to improve enrol-ment and participation rate amongst school aged children in welcoming new school year started in April 2012.