Earthquake Risk in Africa:A school's guide

Earthquakes have occurred for billions of years. Many stories along the history of manshow the considerable impact they have had on human's lives and property. Earthquakesare the most terrifying and destructive among the other natural phenomena like rain orwind. For many of African countries, earthquake hazard constitutes a serious threat tohuman life and property, sometimes causing major economic losses and disruption. Theenvironment concerns and an increased official and public awareness of earthquakehazards have, in the last decade, led to a rapid rise of interest in seismicity and, seismic hazard and risk evaluations in the African countries. Because earthquakes are a natural phenomenon, their occurrence cannot be avoided, dueto our limited knowledge and ability at present; however, the impact of such events onpeople's lives and their proprieties can be considerably reduced. The effects of alldestructive earthquakes which have occurred in the past could have been significantlyreduced if pre-, during and post-disaster measures were adopted and implemented. Thewhole community through schools could have its awareness risen and be more active intaking initiatives by better understanding of the earthquake threat in the continent andthe possible effects on human lives, housing, lifelines and other systems.