District Disaster Management Plan Cuttack, ODISHA

The district of Cuttack is vulnerable towards natural disasters like; floods, cyclones, droughts, earthquakes, sunstroke, fire accidents and others. These hazards, natural as well as manmade, pose a serious threat to life and livelihood causing loss of life, property and adversely affecting the process of development. The effective disaster management strategy can often be prevented or at least minimized the probable disaster.Precise actions, procedures and responsibilities have to be laid down well in advance in order toensure timely response in case of any disaster. Therefore, a mechanism that takes into account multiple hazards and basic preparedness has to be articulated in the form of Quick Response Teams, Quick Assessment Teams, Reporting Procedures, Checklist and Handbooks. The mechanism also lays down crucial parameters, requirements and organizational composition of Emergency Operations Centers and Incident Command Systems.Under the DM Act 2005, it is mandatory on the part of District Disaster Management Authority(DDMA) to adopt a continuous and integrated process of planning, organizing, coordinating andimplementing measures which are necessary and expedient for prevention as well as mitigation ofdisasters. These processes are to be incorporated in the developmental plans of the differentdepartments and preparedness to meet the disaster and relief, rescue and rehabilitation thereafter, so as to minimize the loss to be suffered by the communities and are to be documented so that it is handy and accessible to the general public.