COVID-19 Impact on Trafficking in Persons: A Protection, Gender & Inclusion (PGI) Technical Guidance Note

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In normal times, Trafficking in Persons (TiP) is widespread, and in emergencies the risk and prevalence is known to rise. The document explains why there is an elevated risk of TiP during the Covid-19 pandemic, who is likely to be most affected, and what operational approaches can be adopted to prevent, mitigate or respond to TiP by Movement actors. It also includes advocacy messages for consideration in engagement with government, donors and the wider humanitarian sector. Underpinned by the IFRC Fundamental Principles, these messages call for a more comprehensive and coordinated prevention and response to TiP.

This resource is part of a Collection of similar guidelines entitled "Counter Trafficking of Humans during COVID-19", and it is included in the series of Collections supporting response to Covid-19 outbreak. Collections are monitored daily and new content is added.