Camp planning guidelines and environmental priorities

Note: these two breakout groups were merged into one. Though introduced seperately, the notes from the one breakout group are presented together at the bottom of this page.

Breakout group #2a - camp planning guidelines

The incomplete draft presented for discussion was prepared by Shelter Centre, as part of an ongoing collaboration between Medecins Sans Frontieres and Shelter Centre. The guidelines would also be consistent with other sector initiatives including, camp closure guidelines being developed by CARE International, and the revision of hte Camp Management Toolkit by NRC.

Breakout group #2b - Environmental priorities

CARE International are currently working on integrating environmental issues into four of the global clusters. Feedback is sought on how to best approach the clusters.

Through the breakout group, feedback was elicited on the structure, navigation style and core content for the guidelines. Given the timelines of the other initiatives mentioned above, the group felt it was appropriate to align the review processes, and would meet to discuss this in mid-December, in Geneva. The idea of vetting publications dealing sufficiently with environmental issues with a stamp was discussed. The breakout group participants also agreed to become a peer-review panel for the guidelines.