Beyond 'Working in Conflict': Understanding Conflict and Building Peace

The report of the CODEP workshop itself is not a verbatim account of the proceedings but reflects the diversity of views and experiences of the participants. The discussion focussed on three regions of Africa; the Great Lakes, the Horn and West Africa and addressed three themes: Conflict analysis: covers definitions of conflict analysis, the necessity of doing it, and of seeing the positive as well as negative impacts and the challenge to NGOs in carrying it out. Concludes it currently ad hoc and gives recommendations for improvements to current approaches. Programming in conflict: covers questions of accountability and appropriate programming, opportunities and constraints presented by conflict, whether Northern/expatriate NGOs are necessary in Africa and suggested ways of meeting the challenges. Looks at good practice with an emphasis on community-based approaches and national/international codes of conduct. Peace-building and reconciliation: clarifies the terminology in use. Examines the mandates for NGOs involvement in conflict and the core values with which their work should be invested, a discussion of the ethical dilemmas faced by NGOs and strategies that could be successful.