The aim of the Assam State Disaster Management  Plan is to ensure that all components of Disaster Managament are addressed to facilitate planning, preparedness, operational, coordination and community participation.The purpose of ASDMP is to set out Government of Assam’s approach to DM in accordance with the operational and legislative responsibilities of the DM Act 2005 and Assam Disaster Management Rules 2010.ASDMP will stand as a high level document outlining the approach to DM by ASDMA, Department of Revenue and Disaster Management and allied State Departments. The plan is in alignment of theframework overseeing the following sections: operational, administrative, financial, legal aspects and process. All hazard events, whether natural or man-made the state is vulnerable to,will be managed in accordance with the ASDMP. This Plan will be further supported by hazard specific plans; department wise preparedness, mitigation and emergency response plan; statedisaster management guidelines (SDMG).