ARC Resource Pack (Actions for the rights of the children)

The "ARC Resource Pack (Actions for the rights of the children)" (2009) is a toolkit manual to strenghten the protection capacities of children in emergency and post-emergency situations. The ARC resource pack is an interagency collaboration by IRC, International Rescue CommitteeSave the ChildrenTerre des Hommes (OHCHR), The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR), and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). The ARC resource pack provides an essential collection of information and training material to strengthen people’s capacity: a) to tackle the root causes of children’s vulnerabilities; b) to build effective child protection systems for use in emergencies and long-term development; and c) to ensure that no activities inadvertently compromise children’s rights or safety.This training manual provides advice and ideas to support both of the above, as well as a list of exercises and energisers for any workshop using content from the ARC resource pack. As noted in the User guide, the ARC materials are extensive and comprehensive and it is not intended that an ARC workshop will cover all 14 ARC modules. Rather facilitators, together with planning groups and commissioning managers, should determine which issues are of most relevance for their particular  context and train on those issues.For further information, please visit