!थानीयकरणका ला+ग माग. साझेदा3रतामा आधा3रत काय.मा !थानीय नेत8ृ वमा मानवीय :;तकाय.का ला+ग एक =व>व?यापी ढाँचा

This document can also be found on the official website of Reliefweb at: https://reliefweb.int/ The Accelerating Localisation through Partnerships programme conducted research to identify a partnership model which consists of partnership practices that local/national actors believed to be most conducive to localisation. While the focus of Accelerating Localisation through Partnerships was partnership-based humanitarian action, the national localisation frameworks have gone beyond this. The key areas included in all four national localisation frameworks are outlined in the paper, along with objectives, priority actions, and potential indicators. This resource is part of the collection "Implementing localisation in humanitarian response". Collections are monitored daily and new content is added.