Safety and security in shelter and settlement

This collection collates available relevant resources on safety and security in shelter and settlement sector in the Library, focusing on adopting safe practices and building materials to mitigate hazards during shelter construction, including earlier content on security of humanitarians involved in the shelter and settlement sector. Ordered with the most recent content first, the collection includes presentations from previous Shelter Meetings which had touched upon safety and security of actors in shelter and settlement in field post-disaster, post-conflict or during emergencies.

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Good Shelter and Settlement Programming

Well-designed shelter programmes are based on the most fundamental principles of protection: a roof over one’s head, clothing on one’s body; and at a minimum, freedom from physical harm and violence. The settlement as a whole as well as individual shelters or ‘homes’ are often where people can find well-being and safety, as recognized by adequate housing being a human right. Shelters must be habitable, provide physical safety and adequate space, as well as protection against the cold, damp, heat, rain, wind, and other climatic threats which may impact on health. In essence, the process of sheltering is primarily about safeguarding health, security, privacy and dignity, and shelters are a physical manifestation of protection.While well implemented Shelter operations can reduce risks of GBV, poorly implemented programmes, that do not consider the risks that people are facing, can increase risks of GBV.... 

Shelter and Protection guidance

This collection contains a series of resources focusing on the use of abandoned and unfinished buildings in Iraq. Furthermore, this collection gives broader guidance to stakeholders adressing the issue of people’s shelter needs especially in relation to the Rohingya crises. (NRC) and Shelter Cluster Iraq. Please send suggestions for additional content for this Channel to, or create your own Collection on the Library!

Fire Safety in Shelter and Settlements - Case Studies and Reports

This Collection contains case studies and reports relative to context of fire hazards disaster response.
Current guidance comes from leading local and global organizations: Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC), Climate Council, Directorate General NDRF & Civil Defence (Fire) Ministry of Home Affairs, ECHO, Elsevier, IFRC, IOM, Save the Children Internationa, Shelter Projects, WFP.

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