Qatar Charity provides aid for various countries to fight coronavirus

 As part of its endeavor to defeat coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Qatar Charity has provided aid, including medical and protective equipment, food items, and the necessary support to Yemen, Lebanon, Tunisia and Palestine.This attempt falls within its humanitarian efforts to help the underprivileged, oppressed, and the needy across the globe, and comes in solidarity with the communities going through disasters. YemenIn Yemen, Qatar Charity provided medical devices and equipment, sanitizers, disinfection and cleaning materials, preventive materials, masks, oxygen cylinders, medical ventilators, autoclaves, microscopes, and sterilization sprinklers to combat coronavirus.The number of beneficiaries is expected to reach 150,000 people, at a total cost of QR 474,300.LebanonIn Lebanon, Qatar Charity worked at securing food aid and cleaning and sterilization materials for needy Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian families in Bekaa, Arsal and El-Kharroub, to alleviate the suffering of the vulnerable. The project valued at QR 350,000 is expected to benefit 1,696 families directly, and 8,480 beneficiaries indirectly.TunisiaIn support of Tunisia's efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic, Qatar Charity has coordinated with local authorities to distribute urgent medical aid including masks, medical gloves, sterilizing fluids, protective suits at cost of QR 380,000. Qatar Charity is currently working, in coordination with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Health of Tunisia, to provide food and medical aid at a cost of QR 730,000.PalestineQatar Charity’s office in the Gaza Strip, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, implemented a project to provide necessary medicines and protective supplies for quarantine centers and hospitals to combat coronavirus.