Qatar Charity distributes mobility scooters to people with special needs in Gaza

Gaza Qatar Charity (QC) distributed 4-wheels mobility scooters to people with special needs during a ceremony in Gaza, in cooperation with Palestine’s Ministry of Social Development, benefiting 23 persons, both male and female.The beneficiaries thanked the people of Qatar for their continuous support and Qatar Charity for its constant care for the people with special needs, especially those with motor disabilities, expressing their delight with the mobility scooters that will contribute to their integration into the community. Abeer Al-Herqali, a beneficiary, thanked Qatar Charity for its continued efforts for those with special needs, and said that Qatar Charity is a pioneer in meeting the needs of people with special needs. “Through this scooter, I will be able to move, and meet my daily needs like healthy people”, said Zainab, another beneficiary. On the sidelines of the event, Mr. Louay Al-Madhoun, Commissioner-General of the Ministry of Social Development - Gaza, appreciated the efforts aimed at supporting people with disabilities in the Gaza Strip, indicating that such efforts reflect the humanitarian role played by the benefactors of Qatar through Qatar Charity to extend a helping hand to those most in need, especially people with special needs, in Palestine. He indicated that providing mobility scooters is the result of strategic cooperation and a real partnership between Qatar Charity and the Ministry of Social Development in Palestine, expressing his happiness with this cooperation and underling the importance of its continuation to support those most in need. It is worth noting that the project is continuation of Qatar Charity's efforts to support people with disabilities in Palestine, as it has earlier provided assistive devices, wheelchairs, and hearing aids, and installed prosthetic eyes for 20 persons, in addition to implementing the vocational training and rehabilitation project for nearly 100 hearing impaired persons.