Organising education in the context of conflict

This  collection contains  guidelines and reports that highlight the organisation of education in the context of conflict and demonstrates the importance of education in building peace in conflict-affected countries.

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Educational Infrastructure and Supplies in Emergencies

The 'Educational Infrastructure and Supplies in Emergencies' Collection compiles resources on educational infrastructure and supplies for use in emergencies.Please feel free to drop me suggestions for the Collection to

Education in Pakistan

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Supporting Children's Education During Emergencies

After disaster strikes, children's education is often put on hold due to the shortage of facilities and resources. This collection contains information and guidelines to help educators continue teaching children despite the change in their surroundings.
Current guidance comes from leading global organizations: European Commission, Global Education Cluster, Handicap International, International Network for Education in Emergencies, International Rescue Committee, Inc., Save The Children Fund, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).
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