Natural Disaster Management in the Sub-Indian Continent

The "Natural Disaster Management in the Sub-Indian Continent" Collection, aimed at improving natural disaster management outcomes. This Collection compiles localised knowledge on the Indian context, i.e., its heat wave hazard distribution, its seismic wave distribution, its landslide hazard distribution, its geography, and its national idiosyncrasies, among others. Following these localisation efforts, the Collection includes several resources in Hindi. This Collection was tailored to respond to humanitarian needs and field operations after the Fani Cyclone hit the Sub-Indian Continent on May 3, 2019. Within this collection you will be able to find resources published by India’s National Disaster Management Authority, Indian National Institute for Disaster Management, All India Disaster Mitigation Institute, Bureau of Indian Standards, Orissa State Disaster Management Authority, UK Shelter Forum, Humanitarian Practice Network (HPN), World Bank, among others.