Free Online Training Courses in Humanitarian Settings

This Collection is intended to provide a unique set of free online courses and training related to humanitarian settings. These free online courses are mainly directed to various humanitarians and practitioners covering different topics such as financial management, cash and voucher assistance, market analysis, communication, civil-military coordination, global health, and other training courses about the pricniples of UN Women. They are published in 2019 by various e-learning platforms such as CaLP, CDAC, DisasterReady, IFRC, and UN Women. 

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Free Online Courses and Training About Protection

This collection provides a group of free online courses and training programs about the protection of vulnerable groups and the basics of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) to humanitarian practitioners. These online courses give participants the chance to gain theoretical and practical knowledge of the protection cluster and human rights. They are published by Coursera, DisasterReady, edX, Humanitarian Leadership Academy, ICRC, IOM, PHAP, The Alliance and UNHCR. 

Free Online Courses and Training About Camp Coordination and Camp Management CCCM

This collection presents a free e-learning platform providing online courses and training related to CCCM. These courses are provided by Global CCCM Cluster. 

Free Online Courses and Training About Water, Sanitation and Hygiene WASH

This collection of e-learning resources contains free courses pertaining to WASH. From the DisasterReady website, these are courses centered on an introduction to WASH, promotion of WASH management and technical project managment.