Empowering local livelihoods through cash-based programming

This collection contains guidelines, evaluations, tools and toolboxes regarding the empowering of local livelihoods through cash-based progamming.


Collections on this Collection


Rental Support and Cash Programming

The "Rental Support and Cash Programming" Collection attempts to bring together resources focused on rental support and cash programming.

Cash Transfer Programming - Humanitarian Assistance

"This collection houses all resources on Cash based interventions in the Humantiarian Logistics Knowledge Base by the Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA). The resources are ordered by sub-collections, linked below, by the different perspectives on the topic.
Please be aware that this collection is part of a pilot run for our Knowledge Base in Summer 2019. Contents and functionalities might change at any time. The HLA or Humanitarian Library does not advertise or endorse any specific services. Any discussion or mentioning of specific solutions by commercial and non-commercial entities are for the readers information only.
You are most welcome to contribute any feedback, ask questions, and recommend your own resources. Please direct any inquiries towards knowledgemanager@humanitarianlogistics.com"

Cash and Vouchers Assessment Methods During Humanitarian Response

The "Cash and Vouchers" Collection contains documents and resources on the use of cash- and vouchers-assistance methods during humanitarian response.