Debris Management

<p>The "Debris Management" Collection compiles resources relating to post-disaster debris management. When a natural disaster or a conlfict strikes a community, <span class="ls12 ws17">huge amounts of debris<span class="ws18"> are produced. </span></span><span class="ls12 ws17"><span class="ws18">Management of these wast<span class="ws21">es is often hindered by a lack of preparedness </span></span></span>(insufficient planning and/or trai<span class="ls4 ws18">ning of personnel), resulting in <span class="ls10 ws23">clean-up delays, cost escalation,</span></span>and serious environmental impact. Contractor<span class="ls12 ws17">s may be inadequately monitored, recycling </span>opportunities may be lost due to a vast amount of <span class="ls18 ws1e">waste types, burning may create unwanted </span>air pollution, and landfill waste capacity may be <span class="ls12 ws17">depleted ahead of time. The objective of </span>this Collection is to present knowledge and <span class="ls11 ws25">tools that can aid communities in preparing and </span>implementing a plan for debris management.</p>