Shelter Response settelment option

this channel is part of shelter response channel. By collecting case studies of the field implementation of humanitarian and recovery shelter responses, which have been implemented by different organization from shelter project 2017 -2018 publication ( Shelter Projects is written with the understanding that the primary responders to all crises are the affected people themselves. case studies illustrate both good and bad practices. From each one, there are lessons that can be learned, and aspects that may be repeated or avoided. in addition to collecting guidelines, standards and technical document from different shelter actors around different shelter response modalities. These vary as a result of the differing contexts, phases of the response and organizational mandates and individual approaches. That have been categorized by shelter project, and work in complement to the sphere project. As by combining those two elements this channel aim to provide knowledge on different shelter response modalities and options. The settlement option is divided into 4 Sub- Channel as following : • Non-Displaced /Returns • Displaced, dispersed • Displaced, communal • Resettlement