Inter-sectoral Humanitarian Knowledge on Pakistan

The "Inter-sectoral Humanitarian Knowledge on Pakistan" Channel compiles inter-sectoral humanitarian knowledge on Pakistan on the following topics, organized in Collections: 1) shelter; 2) urban displacement; 3) displacement-related policies; 4) humanitarian access; 5) human rights and international humanitarian law; 6) Sphere standards-compliance; 7) IASC Clusters and coordination; 8) disaster risk reduction (DRR); 9) early recovery; 10) civil military; 11) conflict; 12) natural disaster; 13) age and disability; 14) health; 15) needs assessment; 16) gender; 17) gender-based violence; 18) child protection; 19) beneficiary selection and vulnerabilities; 20) community resilience; 21) public information and advocacy; 22) information management; 23) Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP); 24) the ONE UN Programme in the country; 25) One Room Shelter Program - IOM; 26) DFID Pakistan Workshop on Humanitarian Response and Recovery; 27) Heritage Foundation new DRR Training Park, Kot Diji Upper Sindh, Pakistan; and 28) integrated programmes.