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Andrew Cusack from UNHCR presented an update on the Camp Co-ordination and Camp Management Cluster (CCCM).

Major goals and...

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Mr. Frank Bouvet (UNICEF) explained the surrent situation in the WASH Cluster. The presentation includes the following main topics:

  • Progresses
  • Critical issues in countries...
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Date: Dec 2018
Location: Global

The objective of this preview presentation by  Global Shelter Cluster is to raise the profile and provide a better understanding of the humanitarian shelter and settlements sector. It covers the...

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This resource looks the use of direct cash payments to support communities impacted by crisis. This method is becoming increasingly common as a response to humanitarian situations.

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Date: Oct 2019

Global Shelter Cluster – Strategic Advisory Group – Statement on Single Use Plastic – Mininize use when possible; Large Shelter/NFI procurement organizations shifting to using plastic; packaging...

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Date: Jul 2022
Location: Myanmar

This document is intended to support those practitioners, donors, government and non-governmental actors considering or already delivering cash-based shelter solutions in Myanmar, as well as those...

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This sheet gives figures and information on the achievements and the challenges the members of the shelter and non-food-items cluster has been facing in Haiti. In addition, it give some...

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Publisher(s): Shelter Centre
Date: Jul 2008

This presentation details phase one of a desktop study commissioned by USAID/OFDA into the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and social implications of planning displaced persons in a 'grid' or '...

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Date: Feb 2014
Location: Somalia

This report is in response to concerns within the Emergency Shelter/NFI Cluster over the long-term planning of the Bariga Bossaso IDP settlement on the outskirts of the town of Bossaso, Puntland...

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This report was drafted in 2016 and highlights the status of 2008 convention on cluster munitions. It covers the following topics: Major findings; Cluster munition ban policy; Contamination and...