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Date: Jul 2022

The second announcement was about the update of the All Under One Roof – Disability Inclusive Shelter and Settlements guidelines, a core sectoral resource. This guidance has been updated through a...

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Date: Apr 2010
<p>&nbsp;</p><p>This meeting was hosted by IOM.</p><p>See the <a href="/channel/shelter-meeting-10a#keyoutcomes">initiatives announced, projects...
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Date: Jun 2012

This presentation discusses Shelter Cluster over 4 major points listed below:

1. Consistent and comparative assessment of the impact of humanitarian shelter and settlement interventions...

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Date: Jul 2008

The speakers described the Cluster system as part of a reshaping process of the humanitarian sector.  One intention of this process was to improve preparedness and predictability. UNHCR is to lead...

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Date: Jan 2021
Location: All Countries

This document can also be found on the official website of the Global Shelter Cluster at:

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Date: Dec 2018

This preview presentation covers topics including: Global surge capacities; Areas to advance; Advocacy; Capacity; Good shelter programming; Advancing the global shelter strategy; State of...

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Date: May 2023
Location: Geneva
The Global Shelter Cluster's Annual Meeting for this year will be held in person on June 21-22 in Geneva, Switzerland.
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Surendra Panday (UNHCR) and Miguel Urquia (IFRC) presented on behalf of the IASC Global Shelter Cluster to provide an update on the Cluster's activities in 2010.

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Date: Dec 2019
Location: Global

This course describes the basics of why shelter programming is an important component of humanitarian response both in natural disasters and conflict. It outlines the challenges that affected...

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Publisher(s): Shelter Centre
Date: Jul 2008

The notes below are a summary of the session made by Shelter Centre rapporteurs. They do not represent the final dates or topics for the upcoming Shelter Meeting 06b: once confirmed, details...